• Self fit - No etching of parts required.
  • Unique code - Legal proof of ownership
  • NEW “Stealth” UV reactive etching system - Virtually invisible to the naked eye
  • NEW Datadot DNA - forensic chemical DNA Solution, no damage to the motorcycle
  • Approved under Thatchams strict new TQA scheme
  • Datatag unique electronic transponder combination
  • 100% success rate since 1992 in identifying stolen property and helping to gain a prosecution
  • New discreet warning badge in keeping with todays scooters – acts as a visual deterrent
  • Suitable for all scooters and small motorcycles up to 250cc
  • Home Office and ACPO approved - Secure database

Electronic Security Identification System for Scooters and Mopeds

During the last few years scooter sales have grown massively as more and more people have grown tired of sitting in their cars in traffic jams, or got fed up waiting for expensive and unreliable public transport.

Unfortunately this boom in scooter sales has been accompanied by a dramatic increase in the theft of scooters. Physical security devices can help protect your scooter to an extent, but professional thieves are not always deterred by locks and alarms. Given that scooters are relatively light they can be lifted into the back of a van and taken away in seconds - and we mean seconds!

The best way to prevent your scooter being stolen in the first place is to have Datatag fitted when you buy the machine. The Datatag electronic anti-theft system consists of tiny transponders that are hidden in your scooter, as well as Datadot® microdots and other identification technology. This multi-layered identification system enables the Police to identify the true owner of any Datatagged scooter, even if the number plate and identification numbers have been removed or changed.

Datatag has a fantastic success rate, and criminals are well aware that the CPS has never lost a court case in which Datatag has been used in evidence. As soon as thieves see the Datatag warning decals on your motorcycle they will usually leave it well alone and go looking for an easier target.

Available from all good scooter and motorcycle dealers, Datatag is the UK's leading electronic theft deterrent that's inexpensive and built to last the lifetime of your scooter.

Datatag has been fitted to literally thousands of Yamahas, Piaggios, Vespas, Gileras and MBKs. There are no annual fees, and when you come to sell your scooter you'll find that the Datatag registration can be transferred to the new owner.

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Datatag Scooter / Moped System Technology


Glass Tag Transponder- The size of a grain of rice


Tamper Evident Warning and Re-Registration Label.


Warning Decal- Warn off potential Thieves

UV Etching- Invisible UV Etching won't mark your


Datadots- Unique microdot identification can be applied

to any surface, virtually impossible to locate or remove

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